Monday, October 22, 2012

Bill Mantlo's hospital room wall space

Left click for larger and sharper image
I'm going to postpone the posting I originally had scheduled next. This screen shot image is from Michael Mantlo's facebook photo album. As some of you may remember Michael sent me a friend request last year in December. It's kinda hard to see but to the right there are the covers for issues of Cloak n' Dagger and Alpha Flight as seen here in a previous posting of mine: There is also a really nice photo on Michael's Facebook album of Bill at the hospital with a very happy expression on his face. If Michael gives me the ok I'll update this posting with it so you might want to check back here later this week. And yeah Rick the address on the letter I sent is correct I double checked with Michael before I dropped it in the mail.

Update: Well I'm glad to say Michael was all to happy to have me post this photo (which is from just 2 weeks ago) of his wife visiting with his brother. The following was part of Michael's FB message response to me " . . my lovely wife has an uncanny ability to get bill to smile (and me,, and anytime he's smiling, it's a good day in the Mantlo universe!" I also came across this early photo of Bill from a family portrait I really liked so I'm happy to share that one too with all his fans here.


  1. It doesn't look unlike how I'd like my room to be decorated. If I were the only consultant on such things. Thank you for sharing, Dave.

  2. From what I've read, the addition to these on his walls is a vast improvement of older times. It used to be that he would have few personal items in his room because his condition causes mood swings where he might damage things. Am I recalling this correctly, Shlomo?

    1. i was unaware of the mood swing issues. in all my correspondences with Michael Mantlo he never made a mention of it. nor have i read about them in any articles about Bill's situation at the nursing home. where did you hear that? all i can say for sure is that fan art sent to Bill from people who miss him and his work makes him very happy according to his brother.

  3. Very cool update on Bill this looks Awesome wow all interesting news!

  4. Thank you for the update! I love the pictures of Mr. Mantlo, especially to see him smiling, then and now. Make sure you thank Mr. Michael Mantlo for allowing you to share them with us. It's greatly appreciated.

  5. thanks for the comments folks i'll have the next posting up either tonight or first thing tomorrow.