Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eagle Moss Publications not afarid to print ROM

Hat tip to Gary Martin Jr. for picking up all this stuff on ebay for me to present here. "Eaglemoss Publications Ltd" is a London based company that licensed characters from Marvel, DC, & other entertainment to produce all kinds of merchandise mainly for their market in the UK.  Customers there could subscribe to a series of lead figurines packaged with magazines that were delivered every two weeks, and they'd get other special items like t-shirts & calendars, too.  Eaglemoss also translated their magazines into many languages other than English & exported them to a number of countries.  For some reason United States buyers were prohibited from subscribing directly from Eaglemoss, but Diamond Distributors made the items available for sale through comic shops in the United States.

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So first off you see here some snippets of clip art from the Rogue one-shot magazine. As you can see they reprinted the cover art for Rom #31 and also mention him by name. Many of you will recognize the scene from Rom #32 that the clip refers to in which Rogue attempts to absorb Rom's powers.

Rom spaceknight #32
And I guess you can say in this panel here are her after thoughts on what ended up being a vulcan mind meld as opposed to the usual power and memory siphoning that results when Rogue kisses her adversaries. I guess you can say Rom's plandanium armor is a chick magnet of sorts clearly Rogue is taken with Rom as far as what kind of person he is on the "inside".

Obviously this clip art goes to the magazine that comes with the NOVA figurine. Keep in mind that this magazine series from Eagle Moss was published within the last few years. As for any licensing issues to the Rom name and likeness you're guess is as good as mine why it wasn't an issue. It should also be noted that other issues such as for Galactus, Forge and The Skrulls make text mentions of Rom and The Dire Wraiths. But regardless of the how or the why I give Eagle Moss Publications some major props for including Rom and The Dire Wraith's role in the histories of these character and alien species profiles.

And by the way it looks like another page (#12) from that ROM #1 remix project has turned up. I don't mean to be a dick here and wish I could sound more optimistic but the more I see of  this project the less enthusiastic I get about it

This is an update to this posting with something that turned up on deviant art just a day ago:


  1. I appreciate the hat-tip, and my thanks go to Flavio Gomes da Silva Lisboa of Brazil, without whom we would not have learned of ROM’s likeness in Eaglemoss Publications.

    Some more details on Eaglemoss for those interested...

    "The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection" started in 2005, was discontinued earlier this year, and includes 231 magazines that each feature a specific character (or duo, like Cloak & Dagger). The 20-page magazines are large, slick, and pretty comprehensive in historical detail with lots of art from all eras of Marvel comics. I liken them to expanded "Handbook of the Marvel Universe" entries with DVD-like 'special features'.

    When I learned from Flavio that the Rogue magazine contained a large reproduction of the cover of ROM #31 with our Spaceknight front & center, I wondered...just how far does Eaglemoss go in giving the Legacy of ROM its due? Finding an ebay seller with a large selection of magazines (luckily cheaper without the figurines), I ordered the 5 he had that I thought were sure to feature ROM in them...Rogue, Nova, Jack of Hearts, Forge, and Galactus. And, overall, they didn't disappoint.

    Jack of Hearts could've been better, as his encounter with ROM was skipped over, but one of the special articles in his mag was a nice 2-page Bill Mantlo tribute. ROM is listed as a herald of Galactus; Forge's history details much about his Wraith War involvements; and Nova's book goes the extra mile by showing that clip art portrait of ROM himself, taken of course from ROM #24. In this day and age, any published picture of ROM is manna from Galador, no?

    Looking at the full list of Marvel magazines (wiki link below), there's only a handful (16) more that might mention ROM or Dire Wraiths. Besides Terrax (the ebay seller didn't have it or I'd have gotten it too), I actually think they're even less likely to have squeezed ROM into their already-convoluted histories than, say, Jack of Hearts. But I'll name them here in order from most likely to least, and maybe someone who has them will check them for us:

    Terrax (Special #18)
    Ant-Man (#129)
    Storm (#14)
    Nick Fury (#51)
    X-Man (#128)
    Pyro (#141)
    Avalanche (#173)
    Blob (Mega Special #5)
    Mystique (#39)
    Shang Chi (#111)
    Mole Man (#81)
    Beta Ray Bill (#140)
    Captain Britain (#21)
    Magik (#166)
    Namor (#36)
    Kitty Pryde (#45)

    Eaglemoss didn't quit after the figurine series; now they are publishing "The Marvel Fact Files", a weekly subscription magazine (of hole-punched pages meant to be organized into a binder) with the same kind of historical articles as their previous efforts. I've been able to confirm that Dire Wraiths & Spaceknights garnered minor text references in the first few issues. It's difficult to know the extent of content in these mags from their covers or what little info is online, but someone checked through the first 9 issues for me before they quit collecting it and Eaglemoss is up to #25 now. So it remains a mystery if they're still flaunting the copyright situation & printing ROM's image.

    1. Oh, never-mind Google; Gary Martin, Jr. saved the day with a link!
      HOLY SHIT! Those look AWESOME! FIRELORD! SPIDER-MAN 2099!!! ShadowCat, Electro, Vulture, BOTH Captain Marvels!!! And they just keep going... WOW. Those look so fucking amazing- I kind of want them all now. Hammerhead? Vermin??? Ooo- hello, Shanna the She-Devil.
      They are about $10 each to subscribe there... Between $10 and $30 each on eBay. Maybe I'll luck out and find some at The Dirt-Mall one day on the cheap.

  2. I would wager that Copyright Law works differently over there- especially with these not actually available in the U.S. via subscription. Sounds cool, though- I'd be all over something like that as a kid. Way better than ZooBooks!
    (But, seriously, ZooBooks were awesome.)
    Anyone old enough to remember Ranger Rick magazine? Is that still around? -I have not seen one since I was a kid...
    ANYWAY- this site is about ROM, right? I want to see what those figures look like! -TO GOOGLE!

  3. Gary
    thanks for the heads up on that clip art for the Nova magazine i couldn't quite place which issue it came from exactly. in the panel for issue #24 it looks fine but in that Eagle Moss mag it looks a bit awkward i wish they had used some different clip art but that's just me being fussy.

    i found the lead figurine and mag. for Captain Boomerang at my local comic shop earlier this year for only $5 you remember that video on my channel right? i can vouch for how detailed and comprehensive those mags are.

    1. Oh, Captain Boomerang was by the same company? Okay, cool! Those Marvel Figures are SO nice. I somehow must have them all. One day...

      Yeah- I hate when they use vintage clip-art mixed with modern. Pick from the same decade- at least...

    2. well how about that the King has returned. well in all fairness to those figurine mags they are basically character origin publications so it's not that crazy for them to pull clip art from all over for those characters who have been around for several decades.
      by the way dude i've already got some awesome new fan art for my next posting. when are you gonna be able to put together your next video?

  4. Wow. That's amazing! Thanks, Gary. Someone over there certainly likes ROM. You didn't always get that much print for him even when the copyright wasn't muddled.
    I loved that issue with Rogue. One more chick bites the dust, and falls for the gallant spaceknight. Is it his soul that the babes lust after? Or is it the fact that he's so...shiny?
    Oh, the eternal questions.
    :) Thanks Shlomo.

  5. Ah that page for the remix is ok deff better then some of the others.only two pages really stood out so far in my mind but good cause

    Great find gary how cool to see so much copyright allowed .awesome !

    Good ole ROM 31 my first hybrid story as a kid. I had all my ROM as a child out of order from 5 comic book bag bundles for a buck till i got a little older and could ride my bike to shop to pick em up.

  6. Actually it was 32 my first hybrid i still never got 31 must get it next time im adding to the second gen ROM collection .only about 15 or so From being complete

  7. Hybrid was truly a sickening character....and that is what made him such a great villain!

    1. Indeed. Wanting to mate to make more like him. What he did to both real parents and those who adopted him. Rom 32 was one of the first handed down issues my kid read.Hybrid had him hooked along with 25 and 71. He was reading them by the covers he liked most when he first started reading ROM.

  8. thanks for the comments RT and Joseph. considering how much you guys like the Hybrid character (or Hybrido in Spanish if you prefer :) I would suggest you two do a Hybrid word search on this blog. I've got a lot postings for him and I bet you'll discover some new stuff and appearances for Hybrid you didn't know about.

  9. Nice. It really boggles the mind why Marvel doesn't even include references to appearances in other mags. I know lawyers are best described by holding down the shift key and randomly typing the top row of the keyboard, but if they aren't afraid of doing it over the pond, why not here?

    1. the million dollar question we'll most likely never get an answer to.