Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wizard Magazine December 1997 Calendar (Rom, Dr. Strange, Man -Thing) 2 of 3

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This one here features Rom along with Dr. Strange and The Man-Thing so hopefully Ptor from the Sanctum Sanctorum blog is looking at this. Ironically we also have Swamp Thing present which happens to be one of my favorites from DC back in the good ol days before that atrocious relaunch. The next up, Rom, The Micronauts and NOVA.


  1. I love the homage, but why is it Rom #1 for a 1997 calendar? Is the calendar celebrating great moments in comics history? Is so, that makes sense. Rom #1 is worth much fanfare. Big props to you and Sir Gary for bringing us these goodies. I love 'em!

    1. glad you're enjoying them so far Rick but i think you'll like 3 of 3 most of all.

  2. This is just funny Love these additions and it's cool to catch another look at Binary She's a Hot one!! and Spidy just get's no respect Ha!!