Saturday, October 16, 2010

"And like that - poof, he's gone"

Pretty much from the beginning until issue 20 this mysterious fellow was the head honcho directing all Dire-Wraith operations on Earth. As you can see here they always referred to him as "Most High One". Not too be taken in a Bob Marley kind of way but more like the elder most powerful vampire among much younger vampires kind of way. We also never got to see his face since Sal Buscema always drew his face hidden by shadows or obscured in some other way. He had an array of powers including energy discharge, hypnosis and the ability to summon a Death Wing at will. But as of issue 20 in which he collaborates with the evil spaceknight Mentus in a scheme to lure ROM back to Galador we never see him again. I don't know maybe this guy was really Kaiser Soze from "The Usual Suspects" or something. At any rate it's a shame given the character's high standing among Wraith kind and the mystery surrounding him I think there was some real potential for the Most High One to stir up trouble for Rom and Earth's heroes later in the series. If it were up to me I would definitely revisit this character in any future story lines for ROM Spaceknight.


  1. I have hazy memories of the most high one being a dark reflection of the Galadoran "president" or something? Or perhaps the Most High one impersonated the Pres at one point?

    Man, I really gotta re-read some more issues of Rom!

  2. you can find the Most High One in issues 6,7,11 and 20. and also in the White House for the last 8 years prior to the Obama administration. although lately it looks like the Democrats and the Republicans are a having one big 401 party on the tax payer's dime.

  3. I have a theory, that I've been meaning to post here... one I've been meaning to test out a bit further... BUT...
    from purely visual clues (I'll admit, I haven't read the issues again in many a year)...
    I think that the "Most High One" would eventually adopt the persona of...

    Check out both of their outfits... pretty darned close, right down to the weird abdominal belt and cowl/collar.

    The "Most High One" vanished shortly before Dr. Dredd made his first appearance.

    Perhaps, the "Most High One" got nervous when Mentus gave him a hard time about his plans not working out thus far, and he decided that he needed to take a more proactive role?

    Also, Doctor Dredd states that he is one of a few male Wraiths to employ sorcery as a warlock.
    What are the odds that the "Most High One" and Dredd would both be such powerful warlocks?

    (Although, if they were, that would explain why their outfits were so similar. Could have been the Wraith Warlock uniform or something.)

    Just my thought.
    Of course, dialogue from the issues could prove me totally off-base. I really do need to re-read the series from start to end again.