Friday, October 29, 2010

World War Z authur Max Brooks talks about his love of ROM comic book in MTV interview

This article was sent to me from It's a Dan's World ( see blog roll ) this morning. What a great find and a great way to kick the day off. The article got me thinking about those iconic 80's MTV commercials I watched as a kid. So the idea for an image on this blog posting to go along with the article came to me quite naturally of course.

MTV: I know you're a longtime comics reader, but now that you're a comics writer, is there a project or a character that you're dying to tackle?

BROOKS: I've always loved comics — especially being as dyslexic as I am, comics were a great way to read for me. They sort of opened the door to reading for me. I think the first thing I ever read in my entire life, comics or otherwise, is the very first "Rom: Spaceknight" annual.

MTV: Seriously? I'm amazed this hasn't come up earlier. I'm sort of a big "Rom" geek myself...

BROOKS: You know, "Rom" is the only comic that I've ever seriously collected. I've never been a collector really, but with "Rom" I was there. When I was a little kid and that moment happened when first read something start to finish, that was so empowering. It was like that "Back To The Future" moment when George McFly punches Biff in the face, and he's like, "Wow, look what I can do!" That's how it felt.

But once again proving how my finger is not on the pulse, all my friends growing up were into X-Men, Justice League, and Superman, and there was "Crisis On Infinite Earths" and all that, and there I was reading "Rom." Now that we've seen what special effects can do for "Iron Man," though, I'm like, "Come on, folks. Rom. Let's do it."

MTV: Wow. I can't argue with you there. Go Rom!

MTV commercial clip of planting of the MTV flag on the moon from the dawn of the 80's. You remember how that music goes right?


  1. Oh wow. A ROM movie. Please oh please do NOT get Michael Bay on board.

  2. i hear yeah randomnerd :) bay surprisingly did a good job with the first Transformers movie but he was back to his usual over the top pander to pop culture buffoonery style of movie making with the sequel unfortunately.

  3. B-I-N-G-O. Because everyone knows you have to have a hot chick robot to sell a movie in this day and age, right? Can you even imagine what he would do to ROM? *shudder*

  4. Very cool to see our favorite Spaceknight get some due in the limelight!
    If only Brooks would really push this, getting some of his friends and connections behind the cause!

  5. Does anyone else think ROM next to the MTV logo looks pretty natural?

    I love the fact that he mentions how he too collected a 'fringe' title that was outside the mainstream tastes, regardless of if it's Adam Strange, Hellstrom, or ROM I think that leads to a different kind of fan appreciation because you are always justifying your tastes.

    No one ever asks an X-Fanatic why they love the X-Men...

  6. well i like to think that the the moon scene with ROM and the MTV logo looks good in part due to my photoshop skills. wouldn't you all agree? . . . . . . . . . . . . ( crickets chirping ) . . . . . . . . . . ( more crickets chirping ) . . . . anyways, ROM fans in the 21 century are a persecuted minority within a minority. kinda like Jews for Jesus among other Jews. or in my case, a left of center Jew who is pro-Israel here in the San Francisco Bay Area where it is fashionable for Jews and gentiles alike to bash Israel.

  7. You need to let Jimminy Cricket and his family out of that cage, Dave. It's not nice to keep them locked up for sound effects. I have never felt the need to justify reading the more obscure books. I just read what I liked and never worried about being a pop-culture, band wagon groupie. ... Okay, I'm that, too. But I have taste as, well. ;)

  8. A movie would Rom spectacular my friend! Who knows if the creator of "Avatar" (James Cameron) is not interested in our superhero silver?


  9. os melhor dias (Terminator I & II, ALIENS, The Abyss) de James Cameron esto pasado infelizmente. estas dias nos temos isto blog apenas amigo. mutio brigado para seu commentario. eu quero mais arte (como pinturas) e outras coises fantastico para aqui. para gente de gostum de ROM nos estamos uma familia no internet :)