Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What if it turned out that Mel Gibson was really The Horror known as Hybrid!?

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  1. Not even a dire wraith would agree to produce something so hateful and vile. :)

  2. agreed. as far as i'm concerned the notion of gibson being a by product of the Dire Wraiths is an insult to the Wraiths. only human beings are capable of coming up with creatures as loathsome and devious as mel gibson. after all, your talking about the same species that produced osama bin laden, hugo chavez, pat buchanan and kim jon il. for more laughs over the schmuck that is mel gibson check out:

  3. How Ironic I post the Braveheart speech and you have this that's just too Funny! That's just like the 1,000 ways to die sho did one in honor of him Ha!