Monday, October 11, 2010

ToyFare Magazine - ROM action figure arrival issue

Ok I'm still sticking to what I said about the Torpedo figure in my last posting but I have to admit this ROM figure is a close second. Plus I thought it would makes for a good cover shot (especially with a little photoshop enhancement) . I don't really know much about it other then that it's creator is someone by the name of Alyosha and that he had it on ebay around June last year. Presumably it sold because according to a blog posting by Eclectic Lee (see blog role) it was going for up to $66 at one point. Sure a bit pricey for an action figure but hey, it's a one of a kind sorta thing not too mention all the work that went into it. And if need be you can always get by on bread and water for a week or so. Not really that big of a deal especially when you consider David Blaine went with out food for nearly a month in yet another one of his acts of insanity . . er i mean endurance. You can find out more about how it was put together:


  1. I've seen that custom before back when it was for sale.

    By FAR one of the better ROM customs I have seen.

    That HELDER bust is sweet.
    I own one (and the Full Size as well).

    Sadly, mine are still in pieces awaiting the day that I can build them.

    Still, that didn't stop me from blogging all about them.

    Keep up the sweet work David.
    Maybe one day Wizard and Toyfare WILL feature a new ROM cover.

    Ahhhh... we can dream.


  2. well if they do just remember ~P~ that you saw it first on the blog site for ROM fans who aren't dicks.

  3. Yeah the custom figure and the Helder sculpture are sweeet. I talked to Helder a while back and he said he was building another statue with LED lights in it. Anyone hear anything about the progress on this?

  4. Both of those creations are extremely well done. For a moment, I was actually tricked into thinking that an issue of Toyfare was breaking some seriously good news! :)

  5. yeah sorry about that Max. on one hand i feel kinda bad about getting the hopes up of a fellow ROM fan only to have them dashed so soon after. on the other hand i can't help but feel like it's cool that somebody actually thought one of my bogus covers was real. either way thanks for the comment. what i will be posting very soon is some very real covers from more Marvel books printed in Brazil that featured ROM among other characters, stay tuned.

  6. I am the guy who sculpted and sold that ROM. I had no idea that he was so popular until recently. It was a resin cast copy of the original sculpt, and I still sell them in my store occasionally. -Alyosha