Friday, October 8, 2010

Forget Waldo, where's the silver spaceknight?

Remember those stupid picture things that you were supposed to stare at for hours and an image was supposed to materialize in your head like a sail boat or some crap like that? Never worked for me. But I sure didn't have that problem the first time I picked up a copy of the Marvel Universe issue that covered the "Rs". You couldn't miss the big silver guy on that cover! See how long it takes you to spot him on this Jackson Pollock like Marvel master piece.

If it just isn't coming to you don't fret, my next posting in a couple of days will include a cheat sheet that happens to be some of the coolest ROM art of the 80's ever! The 80's, can't lived with em anymore, but can't live completely with out em either. No comments please that will give his location away. Think of it as talking about Darth Vader being Luke's father as you walk past a line of people waiting to to see the next showing of The Empire Strikes Back.


  1. Geez - I used to lay those comic covers out on my floor so often, then climb to the top bunk and look down on the completed image. Awesome stuff.

    Plus the likes of Angel, Daredevil and ROM were bigger than Wolverine... I mean where else were you gonna find that?

  2. i only had a few issues but i could see how trying to get them all and complete "the picture" would have turned into a collecting obsession for me at the time if i had not already been so engrossed in trying to track down ROM back issues and appearances. it's a clever marketing strategy really on Marvel's part. i'm sure that book would have sold pretty well anyways but imagine how many more sales were made as a result of having that whole back front cover puzzle art scheme.

  3. I have that HUGE-ASS poster.
    LOVE the hell out of it.

    But, did you know that it is NOT the only poster from Marvel that features ROM?

    I have a SUPER-RARE promo poster for Marvel Team-Up that has ROM on it (and Dr. Strange too)!

    Oh, and one or two other things that Marvel released (even AFTER his book was looooong cancelled) with ROM on it.

    In fact... one item has ROM and the TORPEDO on it.
    I'll be blogging about that stuff soon.


  4. Cough *OverPower cards* cough. Sorry, something stuck in my throat there.