Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SALE! SALE! SALE! on ROM & other Marvel titles

For any of you fans out there interested in your very own set of ROM comics, I have one I'm parting with. The comics are all in F-NM quality, all bagged and boarded and ready to ship. Issues are 1-75 + 4 annuals and I'm offering them for $100 + shipping, so I'm trying to undercut that and make you a deal. On top of this I also have lots of F-NM random issues, so if you're missing any issues to complete your collection, I'll make you a deal. Beyond that I also have over 2,000 assorted, The Hulk, Dr. Strange, Batman, Superman, Wolverine, X-Men . . .If you're looking for anything in particular or have any questions drop me a line or leave a message in the comments section! If your looking to have that one of a kind item of your favorite character or just need the perfect gift for someone special I also do commission art jobs. I can be reached at: rush3rd@gmail.com

"I'm ROM, Greatest of the Spaceknights and I approve this message"


  1. Unfortunately, I already have a complete run of Rom.

    Love the Wizard cover.

    Also... I'm wondering if you've met a lot of Rom fans who ARE dicks...?

  2. hello Siskoid, welcome back and thank you for the compliment on my Wizard cover. before i started my blog i tried to reach out to other ROM fans on the net only to find myself shunned by what i thought would be kindred spirits. so much like how Khan Noonian Singh set out to create an empire i created this blog. now those who shunned me before will kneel to me. as will the Son of Jor-El kneel before Zod.

  3. Sadly, there seem to be MANY fans of ROM (or perhaps they weren't fans, per se) who are dicks.

    There was once a ROM fan-site, "ROM and ME" (http://www.romandme.org/), run by a woman of no small artistic merit, who had, among the many creative outlets on her site, a very personal and deeply emotional tribute fan-fic illustrated story about her and ROM.

    Well... the collected world wide web lambasted her for it - some thinking, due to her artwork's sketchy nature, that she was a man expressive homo-erotic desires for ROM.

    Sadly, the combined negative backlash caused to to remove her site from the web and she vanished from all sight.

    While I will admit that her drawn-story was perhaps a bit too personal and sentimental for the world-wide audience, I had always meant to let her know that her many sculptures and crafted pieces were, in fact, made of awesome.

    Sadly, the only times I was able to do so were after she shuttered her blog, and I would defend her on various message boards.

    Like THIS ONE for instance:

    The fact that ROM fans (or at least those who must have found her sight while searching for ROM content) were the ones to cause her such grief leads me to the sad conclusion that there are indeed some ROM fans who are dicks.


  4. Wow, that's a crazy story! well ~P~, that proves two things i have suspected for quite some time now. one is that you don't just look like Dr.Strange, but that you are every bit as noble as he is. and two, there truly are ROM fans out there who are dicks. ergo, my blog title.

    i just checked that link out. man! that was from years ago. damn i sure did get into this game late.

  5. Yeah... I screwed up the link.
    It sends you to the END of the comments.
    THIS one brings you up top.


    I could give more links that are very much the same.

    Here's one from the Bendis Boards from back in 2005.


    The RomAndMe site was still alive back then, but not for long.

    Sadly, there were several other such (and some far, far worse) poor treatments of the RomAndMe site/blogger... but it's not going to do any good dredging those up.
    Especially since most of the negative comments derive from the erroneous belief that the blogger was a man, and thus a "homo" for showing scenes of "him" hugging and kissing ROM.

    First off; it was a woman, Anyone who had the tiniest bit of reading comprehension could figure that out.

    Secondly; who CARES if it's a guy expressing gay thoughts. So? Love is love.

    And third; The story was about a fictional character. No gay cooties were going to be spread by reading a fictional tale about a love of a fictitious character.

    The ignorance and torch-pitchfork mentality of some people always makes me so sad.

    I've tried searching for any signs of that poor woman, but to this day have yet to succeed.

    I hope she is ok.

    Thanks for the kind words.
    I like to live by a code of honor and ethics.
    Doesn't always work out, but... I try.


  6. OK...OK... I know I said i wouldn't dredge them up, but I know David will hunt for them anyway...

    So, here are a bunch of message threads with truly bad treatment of that RomandMe site:

    First off; from the overly pompous "Chris Sims' Incredible SuperBlog":


    Here he takes another dig ,but is educated that it's not a gay guy:


    Next up more from Bendis; JinxWorld:


    But, it wasn't ALL bad.
    HERE we see a small battle over why there are such haters out there:


    And one with a blog post that showed actual appreciation for the creative power of the site owner:


    This next one is just a tweet, and it's hard to tell if it's sincere or in jest:


    But every ROM fans' friend; Lee Seitz had posted (in April 18th, 2003) about the great site and its owner:


    And there WERE indeed more.
    It was sad.

    Especially as the woman's personal tale was so heartbreaking.
    She had a long run of bad years, her husband left her after 9/11, she focused on the only thing that brought her joy; ROM... and was tortured for it.



  7. I know the person you're speaking of. Over the years I considered her a friend and even tho I have since lost contact with her, her name is Rom Johnson (she legally changed her name to Rom... yes really) and I can't go into much detail about her or her personal life, but she was a HUGE Rom fan and also not a male. And yes, she went on and on about how rudely she was treated by people who were supposed to be fellow fans of Rom. And, to be honest, I've seen a LOT of Rom fans who were complete dicks. More times than not they seem to have a bug up their asses over something. It makes you wonder what it is about such a good and noble character like Rom that attracts these types. Some have suggested it is the "God complex" types who are drawn to the noble figure of the "savior" of his entire race against the Dire Wraith that appeals to these types but I'd say I'm not really sure what it is, but there are a large number of total assholes who count themselves as "fans" of Rom. Maybe they're really Dire Wraith in disguise? =P

  8. i can handle just about any of those possibilities but if anyone out there ever finds out that mel gibson is a ROM fan i don't wanna know about it.
    i checked out all those links (thank you ~P~ for all the cyber grunt work)and read all these comments and all i can say is that i hope she is doing better today. and with any luck she may find this blog site get a little bit of happiness from it with out being harassed by a bunch of dicks. i don't care how eccentric somebody is i wouldn't allow that sort of shit to go on here.
    granted she did say some pretty over the top stuff (especially about 911)but we've all been through some pretty rough times in life that makes us all turn to one form of or another of escapism. she was obviously a depressed person but unlike most people who often turn to drinking or drugs she turned to a world that Bill Mantlo created. i'm sure i speak for many out there when i say these past couple of years have had plenty of times where i've wanted to pretend that my life was just a bad dream i'll wake up from soon.