Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good grief where is my head at!? I almost forgot October is breast cancer awareness month

This posting came as an after thought since my farewell posting early this morning. My earliest recollection with my fascination of women's mammary glands was from the first Swamp Thing movie (I was about 11) with Adrienne Barbeau running around in this white torn up dress she was barley wearing. I've matured some what since then, so today I understand fighting breast cancer is first and foremost about saving lives. But, if we can save some breasts in the process I say all the better. At the end of the ROM series he and Brandy got to be together as human beings for the first time. They've been through so much tragedy and we all want them to live happily ever after ( at least in our imaginations ). So especially with ROM about to get laid for the first time in over 200 years we don't want anything spoiling the quality time for this special couple. So just give a little to the cause at the supermarket, Walmart or where ever you see a breast cancer research donation opportunity this month.
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And if what I said before doesn't raise your social consciouses, here are some photos of Comic-Con costumes that may give you guys some extra added incentive to dish out a couple of bucks for this noblest of noble causes. Just think, any one of these lovely ladies could be breast cancer survivors who were able to avoid any sort of invasive procedures thanks to the advancement of cancer research. This is no laughing matter. For a lot of guys who go to these conventions this is as close to being with an actual woman as they'll ever get with out an up front payment.


  1. On behalf of the female of the species, thank you. And that is an absolutely awesome Elektra costume. I am absolutely green with jealousy.

  2. on the blog for ROM fans who aren't dicks, you will find men Randomnerd who like boobs but are also sensitive to the issues important to woman kind. like the ying & yang, we have found that balance here.

  3. what's up the dudes who follow this blog? nothing to say about that collection of cosplay images?