Saturday, February 23, 2013

1979 was a good year for sci-fi toys and Marvel

I just kinda reworked some images in a panel for the first issue of that dreadful 2001 Spaceknights mini-series. So now I've got something good out of something bad. It makes me down right sentimental Marvel has made such a mess even of the Rom related stuff that they own.

This excerpt came out of this over sized anthology book called Marvel five fabulous decades of the world’s greatest comics. I knew about when Rom and The Micronauts debuted but I never thought about when Shogun Warriors did. Shogun Warriors #16 was one of the first comics ever had along with several of the toy figures at the dawn of the 80s. A few years later (mid 80s) I picked up about a dozen more issues from the 3 for $1 rack at my then favorite comic shop (Comics and Comics) in Berkeley CA. on Telegraph avenue.
This is too cool, the Hulk #256 (Sabra!) I recently blogged about here which I picked up in a regular back issue bin about a month ago had something interesting stamped on the back. Comics and Comics used to stamp it's name and address on the back of all it's 3 for $1 comics. So getting back to the titles of licensed toy properties here's a good question, were there any toy based Marvel titles prior to 1979? I can't think of one but if any of you do please share.


  1. Awesome. I wished there were more artwork of the Gen1 Spaceknights. Not to mention that I would love for someone with real talent tackling the Gen2 Spaceknights and making them more realistic than the abomination that we saw at the end of the series. As for the Gen3 AngstKnights, I always felt that they were a cross of bad Japanese Anime and Robotech wannabes. Maybe a contest or something would get people motivated to do some artwork of the Gen1 & Gen2 heroes.

  2. The bad artwork and weak storylines is what turned me off to these books myself! I just got tired of the higher prices, bad artwork, and the insult your intelligence storytelling!

    1. i haven't bought a new comic from DC or Marvel for almost a year now. the bottom line, they're just not writing about the stuff i want to read about. the higher prices are an issue for me as well along with the scant text that makes it so that you will read through a typical comic in about ten minutes. if you look at most any comic from the 80s and early 90s you'll notice it's pact with text.

  3. Nice I made my own debut in 1979 too, so there's something I didn't realise but do now. I always thought I had something in common with shogun.