Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fan made Rom CGI video & a Rom custom figure made from Iron Man

From the video's creator, "Test ROM animation. As per the usual disclaimer, I do not own the character. If it looks somewhat amateurish, that's because I'm an amateur at it. Makes sense, eh?" Amateurish it may be but it's also ironic that I found it on the heels of the meteor impacts all over Russia the day before. Plus on general principle I still dig it after all how many Rom CGI type videos are there on Youtube?

Just making a little update today Saturday the 17th here with something I found recently on Deviant Art. The original image features this custom Rom figure with the Guardians of the Galaxy set. But it looked familiar to me and then I realized that I actually have that Iron Man figure that the Rom custom is made from. Now why didn't I ever think of that?


  1. Very Interesting find my friend and like said here I can see its not the best animation but cool just the same!

    1. hey at least it was better then the computer graphics on Sy-Fy channel produced movies.

  2. I've never understood how to remodel those custom figures. They are true craftsmen.

  3. Damn cool custom, and very wise choice for base.
    And that animated short wasn't bad. Kinda' reminded me of early 90's computer animation.

  4. Exactly, Dale. It reminded me of The Last Starfighter, but shinier. It also made me really really wish for a ROM movie. Or at least an animated series. That would probably translate better.

  5. I think whoever owns the ROM copyright, needs to just go ahead and sell it to Marvel/Disney or do something with it instead of letting the property collect dust. Seriously, shit or get off the pot.

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