Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rom vs The Thing (Ben Grimm) commission art

I just found this on Deviant Art today. Obviously this was inspired by Marvel Two In One in one part of the story had Rom throwing down with the Wraith sorcery controlled Thing. Rom's neutrilizer ended up breaking the spell and together the they took out the wraith witches. This was done by Brazilian artist Allan Goldman you can check out this work at an earlier stage here:

 Also I just wanted to saw thank you to Rick Hansen for sending me this post card. I recently picked up some back issues of the original Micronauts series for him which I found in a $1 bin at my local comic shop. Not only did Rick reimburse me promptly along with some gratuity for my trouble even though it was no trouble at all he was also thoughtful enough to send this card. In case you were wondering the front side has the cover art from the original Silver Surfer #1.


  1. Amazing, simply amazing. Look at the detail in the background! I found myself wishing I had it on paper so I wouldn't sprain my neck trying to twist it around. Wonderful find, Shlomo.
    That was very kind of Rick, what a nice guy!

  2. i was looking through my most recent postings and much of the stuff i've been posting such as the video, custom figure and some of the new commission art. all that stuff was created or other wise published to the net (deviant art & Youtube) within the last 3 months. it's really amazing how Rom's fandom still endures despite those fools at Marvel still not getting their shit together with the character rights issue.

  3. I meant it, buddy. You're a good guy! I'm reading through Micronauts for the first time right now. Keep an eye on my Comics 'n Coffee column this Sunday, although it won't be anything you don't already know. ;)

  4. A kind gesture reaps great reward! That was very cool on Rick's behalf, and another visual find on deviant my friend Wow!! Awesome details in a heck of a action sequence lovin it!!!