Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bill Mantlo from this past weekend

Just wanted to share with you all this nice photo of Bill from his brother's latest visit. As you can see he came bearing gifts. Regardless of most anything going on in your life if you're a fan of Bill Mantlo's work it's gotta make you feel better about things over all when you see happy moments like this for Bill.

The following clip art was published in Marvel titles (Captain Marvel #6 vol. 3 2001 & Universe X #3 2000) for issues that came out right after Marvel lost the rights to both Rom and The Micronuats. What I like about these panels is how the respective artists managed to represent both Baron Karza and Rom with out actually drawing them technically speaking. That sort of thing takes a unique skill set as an artist. So here comes my pun you might say in the case of Baron Karza you might say he's just a shadow of his former self in comparison to my last posting.

Unlike Rom spaceknight and The Micronauts The Human Fly was not inspired by a toy line but instead by real life daredevil Rick Rojatt. There's not a whole lot of fan art for The Human Fly out there on the internet but I would have to say this rendering I found on Deviant Art is the best I've come across so far.

Also, there's a number of  fan art pieces in the Cloak & Dagger fan folder on Deviant Art. be sure to scroll through all 6 pages there's some really great stuff there http://cloak-n-dagger-fc.deviantart.com/favourites/?set=48825402&offset=0


  1. There are some real gems on those Cloak and Dagger pages. Ever notice how most of the artists seem to focus more on one of them more than the other, though?

    I do love that Human Fly. Especially on the white background. Really makes the red pop.

    1. i think there's two reasons for that. one, the whole light and shadow nature of the characters makes Dagger the inherently more stand out character. two Dagger is hot and the majority of the artists are dudes so there you go. by the way did you here about Young Justice getting cancelled? i've been in mourning ever since but i did do some new fan art as a result you can see it in my most recent posting on the Suicide Squad blog.

    2. I just went to look. I knew about YJ, of course. :( Frakking insanos. This is why I have a hard time watching shows from week to week anymore. Safer to wait for the series dvd's. Then I know I'll be getting a block of episodes. In order. On time.

      Stupid CN. There up there with Fox on my craplist now.

  2. Yes, very clever of the artists and writers for sneaking the likenesses of those characters in.

    That pic of the Human Fly really does pop due to the mostly white background. Hell, if drawn entirely in that style, you might be able to get a short animated series out of that.

    Did you know there's a movie bio out there about Rick Rojatt? You probably did, but I figured I'd mention it just the same.

    You know what, Bill Mantlo actually looks pretty damn good for his condition. Glad he got those gifts, especially those MU Guardians of the Galaxy figures. It's damn shame Marvel's not doing that, considering all he did for them. Corporations, am I right?