Monday, February 18, 2013

My latest $1 box score of Bill Mantlo related work

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My first $1 find was Incredible HULK #254 written by Bill Mantlo and penciled by Sal Buscema. This issue was the first appearance of the U-Foes. They were 4 power hungry individuals who attempted to repeat the same cosmic ray accident that befell the Fantastic Four in order to gain similar powers. Thinking that Bruce Banner interfered with the cosmic ray irradiation process they attacked him which in turn resulted in Banner becoming the HULK. During their battle with the HULK they soon discover their powers to be unstable and one by one the U-Foes succumb to the harmful side effects. For more clip art from the issue:

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I also picked up Official Marvel Universe Handbook #3 volume 1 because it contained the alien index entry for Dire Wraiths (male). This clip art used to be on the internet but a couple of months ago when I tried to reference it Google told me the "page could not be found". So I said fuck it I'll just grab this copy for a buck and get the clip art back on the internet again even though I know just about all of you have seen it already or have the issue.


  1. Nice finds! I completely forgot about the U-Foes. Gotta love that symmetry: foes created from trying to recreate a previous experiment. And it goes horribly horribly wrong. Hmmm. What could they have been self-referencing?

    That is the weirdest looking Dire Wraith. Maybe my brain's just full of newer wraith art, but I don't remember them ever looking so much like Clayface.

  2. I think there was some kind of melancholy in these Ufoes which made them kinda sympathetic though they were villains.

    1. well just the same Bruce i was glad when you turned into the Hulk and started kicking their asses : )