Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rom related trading cards and recent Brian Bendis commentary

A big thanks to Rick Hansen who sent me this card along with this Facebook message: "I know you're familiar with this scene, but I thought I'd share. The owner of my LCS gave me an entire set of 1991 Hulk trading cards and this one is obviously notable." The panel used on this trading card is from Incredible Hulk 374 in which Rick Jones was being tortured by skrulls who among other things impersonated heroes he's been a side kick to.

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Most of you already know about these Over Power cards as described at Lee's site Rom Spaceknight Revisited: http://home.hiwaay.net/~lkseitz/comics/Rom/othermedia/index.shtml
Also, note worthy is the Rom electronic toy trading card by Plaidstalliones: http://www.plaidstallions.com/tradingcards.html

You may also be interested to know about Turbo having had her own Over Power card. And indeed Turbo is quite over powering here especially with her huge boobs but I'm not complaining. It appears as if these Over Power cards had original illustrations created for them. Beyond that I couldn't tell ya anything about these cards since RPG games have never been my thing. I also couldn't tell ya anything about this Dire Wraith trading card which seems to part of some sort of Magic The Gathering type card game. But I can tell you the clip art used for the card is from the first page of Rom# 49 that kicked off the Massacre Of Clareton which among other tragedies in the series was the death of Brock Jones (Torpedo II).

Brought to my attention recently by Gary Martin Jr. are 3 other Marvel trading cards that feature the covers of Marvel titles that have Rom and Dire Wraiths on them. I'm only making a text mention of the first two because neither card features any sort of distinctive decorative trim so there's nothing to see there that you all haven't seen before: Marvel 1st Covers series II (1991) -West Coast Avengers #1 / X-Men Cover Trading Cards series II (1990) - X Men #187.

Now this one from last year's Avengers Assemble trading cards series is kinda interesting. I say that because this is now the second time I know of that Marvel published Rom's name and likeness in the last couple of years. The first time I noticed it at a local comic shop in the Secret Wars II Omni Bus TPB late last year and as far as I can tell no one is screaming for a law suite over it.

Brian Michael Bendis: Sometimes it's the thought that counts the following is a quote from an iFanboy article from three weeks ago with Bendis on upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy projects:  "While all this info about the Guardian of the Galaxy is interesting, we did ask the question that was on everyone’s minds: what does this mean for ROM: SpaceKnight? After stopping laughing, Bendis responded, “Listen, no one would love the return of ROM: SpaceKnight more than myself. I have made it clear to anyone who will listen, the minute anything like that ever became available to us…” and then clarified that Marvel doesn’t own the rights to ROM: SpaceKnight, “I would stop the story I was in the middle of doing…and I said this about Avengers too. Right in the middle of any event or any storyline…when I was doing Moon Knight,  the minute I was able to write the words “ROM: SpaceKnight” into a script, he would literally just crash into the story. Boom! That would be it”.


  1. Cool finds. And nice to know you got people looking out for ya' on the ROM front. Another reason to keep this thing going.

  2. Oh how I so wish ol' Toasterhead would crash into the MU like he originally did on that lonely strip of West Virginia highway oh so long ago.

  3. "Dammit Jim!!" I don't have time to go through it all but "Dammit Jim!!" I Like what I'm seeing brother!!! "I'll Be Back!!" and in case you hadn't seen this a bit of Cloak & Dagger art from deviant I just came across! http://richardcox.deviantart.com/art/Cloak-and-Dagger-154230871 He did a newer one that looked good but I hated the chin on Dagger, way too short for the face but this one Sweet!!

  4. Okay Had to share this one too Wow! http://randygreen.deviantart.com/art/Cloak-and-Dagger-50336380 I said "I'll Be Back!" Ha!

  5. we're all with you on that one Brian. but in the meantime i strongly suggest you and every one else who may be looking this comment go check out those deviant art links zhaanman just left here.

  6. Gah, stuff I didn't know about! Where on earth am I going to find singles of Hulk, Marvel 1st cover, and X-men cover cards? And you say that Avengers Assemble set came out just last year? Interesting.

    And good Winslow, who drew Turbo for OP? That's horrible. Pretty sure any woman moving at that speed, no matter how well endowed, would not find her boobs leading her.

    Finally, I'm pretty sure the Dire Wraiths card is only a fan job using Photoshop.

    1. you could be right about that Dire Wraith card. probably are actually i may have gotten punked on that one. as to your other comments today it seems that any real plans for Karas by who ever fell to the way side long ago. glad you liked that Marvel Age 80s posting see what you miss when you don't check in over here more often :)