Friday, February 1, 2013

Those last page preview headlines for Rom guest appearances

Rom made countless cameo appearances in various Marvel titles (usually as flash backs) through out the 80s and 90s but as far as I know he only made three actual appearances in other titles in which he was the central focus of that issue's story line. Those issues being Power Man & Iron Fist #73, Marvel Two in One #99 and Incredible Hulk #296. So I thought it might be cool to feature all the last page preview headlines for the proceeding issues of the before mentioned titles.

First up is Power Man & Iron Fist #72 . .

. .  and for some reason there was also a preview headline in Power Man & Iron Fist #71 as well. Don't ask me why I got all this stuff from Gary Martin Junior and I just work here.

This one's from Marvel Two In One #98 . . .

. . . and last but not least Incredible Hulk #295

In just a couple of days we'll see boisterous Bill Mantlo take on the international drug and arms trade don't miss it!


  1. Nice bi of tid bits to chew on there David I don't think I've seen Marvel Two in One #99 Tell me there are sites on line you can read comics from right? What's the best ones to check out, let me know.

  2. The one question I always had with 2N1 appearance was: "What happened to the neutralized Firefall armor"? It didn't get banished to Limbo, it just fell from the sky in pieces. You KNOW somebody had to pick it up and start trying to figure it out.

  3. good point Brian, i think that's just gonna be one of the several loose ends of the Rom legacy in the Marvel Universe. although personally i find it more troubling the fate that Karas (original Firefall) having been stuck in Limbo for all eternity as seen in Rom#19. now if Marvel was smart they could have picked up that character and gotten him back into circulation into the Marvel Universe.

    zhaanman, just on general principle when trying to find comic book clip art to read on line the best way to go about finding it is to Google the comic issue you're interested in and hit the "images" tab. if there's something out there on the net the image tab will basically give you a collection of thumbnail previews that will drastically narrow down your search time. it so happens you're in luck on this issue:

  4. Thanks David you are an awesome wealth of information I'll be checking that out for sure!

  5. I once started a list of possibly dangling plot lines from Rom for my site, but never got it developed far enough to make it public. At least I think I did. Anyway, the one about the Firefall armor was definitely on my mind.

    As for the fate of Karas, if you read the Spaceknight LS, at one point the new Firefall mentions something about the one who he shares his armor with (or something like that). Through that and possibly e-mail I exchanged with Chris Batista back then, I know he had something in mind for Karas existing through the new Firefall.