Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rom corner art variants, new fan art & appearance with Shogun Warriors on Sy-Fy channel

Most of you will recognize the corner art at the top left as being some what iconic image of the 80s Marvel and a regular for the Rom spaceknight series. The star field back ground's color scheme usually changed from issue to issue. At issue 65 the corner art changed to having a flat color fill back ground as seen in the example right next to the original. Although here too the color scheme would change from issue to issue.
But some Rom issues did deviate from this corner design regiment. Rom issue 49, 63 and 66 actually had their corner design with a back ground fill that was that of the actual cover art scene:  Aside from that there were two other unique ones. Rom # 50 featured corner art that was reflective of a tongue n cheek back story about Rom and Starshine as a stereo typical American couple from the suburbs and Rom Annual #3 featured simply a head shot. To the best of my knowledge the only two Marvel titles outside of the series to ever feature Rom in the corner art was Marvel Two in One #99 and Marvel Age #23. To see fan made ones:

And here we have some fan art from a fellow by the name of Kimo Yancy who has a blog full of sketch art. The top piece with presumably Brandy Clark evidently was his first posting ever. At the bottom it appears as if we have a reinterpretation of the opening scene from Rom #1 The Arrival. Good job on these Kimo if you're reading this.

Left click to enlarge

Well it appears as if there may be something that makes the SyFy channel worth watching again cause God knows I haven't had any reason to for the last 15 years or so. Special thanks to Gary Martin Jr. for giving me a heads up on this. Not too many chicks where I live who like sci-fi & comics look much like the host on this show

Left click to enlarge and see Youtube link for episode preview
Did you know Shogun Warriors #13 was one of my very first comics ever even before I ever had any Rom issues? Just like with The Micronauts it was a toy line I really was into back in the day. Like the guy featured in that Collector's Intervention episode I was really into all sorts of robots too at the tail end of the 70s and through out the 80s.
It started with Shogun Warriors and The Micronauts but later I would find myself really into The Transformers, Voltron and Robotech as well. I actually used to have the Voltron robot on the left hand side of the bottom shelf. The robot just above him was one that a friend of my had it was kinda cool it separates into 3 different vehicles.
Me at about 9 years old, left click to enlarge

In just a few days we'll look at some promotional Rom art work that was never published.


  1. I love this! This is what makes your blog interesting. Little tidbits I've never seen anywhere else, all gathered together for ease of viewing. Everyone knows there's nothing a geek loves more than tiny bites of information to store away in the recesses of their brain, and you've just given me a gem. I really love that ROM number fifty one, but I have to say the Annual number 3 might just be my favorite. The face just seems to shine.
    I don't think I've ever seen Shogun Warriors before, but I remember Voltron fondly. Mostly I remember loving that they actually had a girl in the series, and it wasn't My Little Pony, but I was really young.
    And awww...aren't you just adorable?

    1. Hey, we all had a pair of those. Plus Wonder Woman and C3PO underoos.

    2. don't forget to check out the Youtube link for the preview to that SyFy chan. episode.

    3. Already done. :) And I think I might set the dvr to catch the show in general. Looks like a hoot.

  2. Sorry for the 2 deleted comments.
    Not sure WHAT it is about your blog, but my computer has FITS trying to get the comment box to open and STAY open.
    Only on your blog. Nowhere else.



    Hey David,

    Nice little corner box showcase.
    I've been meaning to do one for DOCTOR STRANGE, MAN-THING and ROM for quite awhile, but haven't done so as of yet.

    Glad I can cross ROM off the list.

    BTW, I believe you mean MARVEL AGE # 23 (not Marvel Fanfare).
    Just looking out for ya!

    1. oh bugger i'll have to fix that thanks for the heads up i dunno why i always get those two mixed up. i don't see any reason why you can't still include Rom in your future posting. the corner art designs are one of those things i really miss about the 80s and early 90s. i've just about given up on new stuff from both Marvel and DC i just can't get into it these days.

    2. It can be difficult. But there is some good out there. It's over with now, but Runaways was a seriously decent comic, and if you ever get a chance to grab some issues I'd highly recommend it. Other than short runs, searching out independent comics seems to be the way to go to find truly creative content these days.

  3. I saw that ep my friend and I showed that very shot to my girlfriend on the DVR when I saw them pass by it!! I was like, "Holy Crap he has a Rom Too!!!" Ha Wow and man I loved those corner art boxes as well and that Ozzie & Harriet type look for Rom and Starshine was a Laugh a sec!!

    It pains me every time I think of the books lost but there was another series probably in the 80's very Shogun Warrior, Robotech like that I use to collect it was an independent comic!

    But back to the Horder Collector show on syfy, as soon as I saw the promo for the Bots and the action figures I was like look out!! That dude had a Wicked collection of Bots Damn!!

    1. i didn't see the episode but i was able to get a closer look at his collection in the preview and there was a lot of stuff i used to have too. it was indeed an awesome collection! straight up 80s at it's best.
      by the way i made a sweet Rom find in a $1 bin today i'll be posting about it in the next couple of days.

  4. Excellent site, guys. I just stumbled onto it because I was looking for information about a ROM costume. I look forward to reading the rest of it.

    1. hey Jason welcome to the blog for Rom Fan Who Aren't Dicks. i'm glad you like it i think when you explore it further you won't be disappointed.

  5. Alright, your Hulk pajamas kick ass and those toys are all awesome, especially the Godzilla wielding swords. I used to own that Vehicle Voltron toy, and I wish I still did! I can't wait to see what you found in a dollar bin.